Yorkshire_Wedding_Photograper_of_the_Year_2013“Great Wedding photography needs first and foremost a sense of the flow of the day, the knowledge of when to record unseen and when to ask for images. It requires something unusual in all other industries, yet common in art, which is a great ‘simpatico’, trust and co-operation between the photographer and the subjects. This has to be made rather than found.

A photographer’s skill is based on their sensitivity, their ‘eye’, and their ability to involve themselves immediately with others – not their cameras.

Ozzie Malik has that skill.

Ozzie Malik has that passion.

Ozzie has an ability to draw out the inner essence and character of the people he is photographing; he does this by watching, listening, noticing and even predicting events that are happening all around him. He studies architecture, life and above all else people but he does not do this knowingly he does it instinctively. It comes from within, it is him and that is what you are buying when you engage the services of Ozzie for your wedding photography.”

David A. Williams M. Photog. FRPS ALPE